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Arsenic & Fluoride Reducing Granular Media

GreenStory Global Filtration Made in the USA
GreenStory Global Arsenic & Fluoride Reducing Granular Media

Our new GreenStory GSGWF ArsenilTM AS media has twice the capacity for arsenic as the leading iron oxide or titanium-based materials.  The AS media is a ferrous adsorbent, with high selectivity and capacity for dissolved arsenic and fluoride, with a preference over common competing ions.  AS media absorbs both trivalent and pentavalent arsenic, as well as fluoride and other oxy-anion contaminants.  ArsenilTM AS  performance will increase your existing system rated gallonage with the same cubic feet of media.  For new installations, the media tank volume requirements can be reduced, shrinking the filter system’s physical size.  ArsenilTM AS media carries NSF 61 approval.


  • NSF 61 approved

  • High flow rate

  • Low pressure drop

  • High filter capacity

  • High chemical absorption capability


  • Arsenic

  • Fluoride


  • Packaging: 

    • 50-pound bags (forty/pallet)

    • 1,000-pound supersacks

  • Particle Size Distribution: 10 x 70 Mesh (200-2000 µm)

  • Bed Depth Minimum: 36 inches

  • EBCT Minimum: 3 minutes

  • Max Service Flow: 10 gpm/ft2

  • Pressure Drop Max: 10 psid

  • Backwash Flow: 12 gpm/ft2, Design @ 100% Freeboard, allow for 30-50% Expansion

  • Backwash Frequency: Every 3 months

  • Max operating temperature:  140⁰F/60⁰C

Arsenil BedVolumes.JPG

Bed Volume Performance

This compares the Bed Volumes treated with a 70 ppb As-V solution with Vanadium, Chromium, Iron competing ions, pH 8.3.  ArsenilTM AS media treated three times the water before 10 ppb (EPS threshold) breakthrough than a leading Iron Oxide. 

Arsenil Adsorbent Table.JPG

Maximum Capacities

This compares the amount of dissolves Arsenic V absorbed per volume of media.  It provides the theoretical capacity of the media. 

AFRGM Part Number.png
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