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High Flow Pleated Filtration

GreenStory Global Filtration Made in the USA

Our GreenStory GSGWF HFE high flow pleated filter cartridges are manufactured to meet your unique filtration needs.  In-house media manufacturing, lamination, and calendaring ensure the highest quality and consistency standards, as well as maximum dirt loading capacity.


  • 5-layer construction for maximum pleat support and dirt loading

  • Thermally bonded end caps and ultrasonically welded seams for one-piece construction ensuring zero bypass

  • Tested and certified to:

    • NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 CSA B483.1

  • Polypropylene materials comply with FDA Title 21, Section 177, as applicable for food and beverage contact

  • Polypropylene components meet specifications for biological safety per USP Class VI (121⁰C) plastics

  • Cartridges are manufactured with no additives or manufacturing agents, ensuring filters are free of surfactants, resins, binders, and adhesives

  • Flow options: 

    • Outside -> In, Inside -> Out

  • Longer filter service life reduces maintenance and downtime


  • Construction

    • Filter media: 100% polypropylene

    • Core, outer cage, support material:  100% polypropylene

    • Outside diameter:  6.25”

    • Length: 20”, 30”, 40”, 60”, 80”

    • Flow rates:  75 gpm – 300 gpm

    • Micron ratings: 0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100

    • End Cap Configuration:

      • 222/Flat, 226/Flat, 225/Flat, Flat/O-Ring

  • O-Ring/Gaskets: Buna (Standard)

  • Max differential pressure:  50 psid @ 180 ⁰F, 82 ⁰C

  • Efficiency: 90%, 99.98%

GreenStory Global Water Filtration GSGWF HF High Flow Pleated Filters
GreenStory Global Water Filtration GSGWF HF High Flow Pleated Filters

GSGWFHF High Flow Filters are certified by IAPMO R&T to NSF/ANSI 61 and CSA B483.1 for material safety only.

GSGWFHF PN Builder.png
HFPF end configurations.png
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