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Extended Life Filter Bags

GreenStory Global Filtration Made in the USA

Our GreenStory GSGWF POEL Extended Life Specialty Bag is designed for maximum dirt loading – no other bag holds more particulate.  With dual gradient depth media and a variety of micron ratings, GreenStory can accommodate your unique filtration needs.     


  • No other bag holds more particulate

  • Adds an additional 637 cubic inches of depth filtration over a standard Size 2 bag

  • Dual Gradient Depth Media designed for maximum dirt loading

  • Features heavy-duty handle for easy removal, at no additional cost

  • Extended filter life reduces the number of change-outs required saving labor costs for routine maintenance



  • Construction

  • Media: polypropylene felt

  • Bag size: 2 = 7-1/6" D x 27" L

  • Micron rating:  1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200

  • Ring: plastic flange


  • Treatment of Groundwater

  • Cooling Water

  • Industrial Process Water

  • Wastewater

ELBF part number table.png
GreenStory Global POEL Extended Life Specialty Bag
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