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BTS-u & BTS-smx Media Suspended Solids Removal

GreenStory Global Filtration Made in the USA

Our GreenStory GSGWF BTS product is the ultimate media for superior water filtration in Gravity Flow or Pressure Systems.  BTS media is an all-natural mineral consisting of a high-surface-area and large internal void space for effective filtration of silt and colloidal particles.  The pressure drop (head loss) in clean media is less than in typical silica sand type filters sized 0.45-0.55mm.  This media has a surface area over 100 times greater than sand and provides the same filtration mechanisms (mechanical straining, sedimentation, and flocculation) but in addition, it offers physical adsorption, electrostatic adsorption, and ion exchange.  The loading capacity on the BTS media is much larger than silica sand, thus allowing less frequent backwashing of the media and reducing wastewater.  BTS is proven effective in gravity flow and pressure systems and can replace the sand or mixed media.


  • Half the weight of sand

  • Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)

  • Provides Superior Water Clarity

  • Lowers Operating Costs

  • Cuts Backwashing up to 50%

  • Filters Particles Down to 3 Microns

  • Environmentally Safe, All Natural


  • Total Suspended Solids and Colloidal Particles


  • Particle Size: 14x30 mech, 0.6 – 104mm

  • Uniformity Coefficient, UC: 1.64

  • BET Surface Area = 24 m2/gram

  • Bed Expansion at 20 gpm/ft2 = 30-40%

  • Cation Exchange Capacity = 0.5 to 1.6 meq/g

  • Crushing Strength = 2500 lbs./in3 

  • Bulk Density = 50 lbs./ft3


  • Particle Size Distribution: 0.6 – 1.4 mm (14 x 30 mesh)

  • Uniformity Coefficient, UC: 1.64

  • Dry bulk density: 50 lbs./ft3

  • Bed depth: 30-42 inches

  • Bed flowrates:

    • Pressure filter 15-20 gpm/ft2

    • Gravity filter 4-5 gpm/ft2

  • Backwash Flow: *15-20 gpm/ft2  *with air scour/sparge 

  • Bed expansion: 30-40% @ 20 gpm/ft2

Improved Water Quality:  Microporous media contains a large surface area for entrapment of suspended particles down to the colloidal size.  The rough, porous surface can trap fine particles that cause water to be cloudy (turbid). 

Improved Flow Rates:  Head loss is decreased compared to silica sand due to more void space through the media and depth filtration is achieves with turbid particles being able to load deeper into the media beds. 

BTS-u is a naturally occurring aluminosilicate characterized by high surface area and high cation exchange capabilities.  

BTS-smx is the BTS-u media that has additionally been surface modified.  This surface modification chemistry exchanges quantitatively and essentially irreversibly with cations on the external surface of the media.  Thus, the particulate removal improves as well as sorption of the major classes of water contaminants: inorganic cations, inorganic anions, and nonpolar organics.

BTS 2.png
BTS 1.png
BTS 3.png

Magnified media particles

Media is three-dimensional, microporous, crystalline solids with well-defined structures that contain aluminum, silicon, and oxygen in their regular framework; cations and water are in the pores.

BTS 4.png
BTS 5.png
BTS particles.png
BTS parts builder.png
Silica Sand
BTS Media
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